Martial Sports Evo Shin Guards White Gold


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It’s still possible to maintain your routine and continue professional training in boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, or martial arts outside the gym. Martial Sports brings you the Training Shin Guard to keep you safe and comfortable while training for as long as you need with a partner at your home gym. Self-protection is the first thing to do before playing martial arts. To save yourself from any injury you need some protective gear, Martial Sports is providing you with the highest quality made products that will stay workable for long periods of time. Our heavy-duty Shin Guards are famous for their stunning quality. 

The Martial Sports Evos have been designed to be even more durable and withstand continuous intensive use. The Martial Sports Evo shin guards are covered with a microfiber that is ultra-durable and made to withstand impact and friction. It increases the lifespan of the shin guards significantly, compared with the Martial Sports range, especially in humid environments such as Thailand. All the comfort and quality of life details of the “Martial Sports” range have been utilized. The “Martial Sports Evo” is, therefore, ultra-light, protective and ergonomic, keeping itself firmly positioned on the leg.

We are shipping all around the globe. Our shipping process is very fast and door to door. We ensure that we will always give importance to our valuable customers. The first priority of Martial Sports is to make customers satisfied and happy by providing them with good quality-made products.


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