Martial Sports D10 6mm TPE Yoga Mat


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Embark on your yogic journey with gratitude and fulfilment by aligning your energy to discover the perfect balance of mind, soul, and body. Martial Sports’ TPE Yoga Mats are SGS certified and free of toxins. Our extremely soft, non-slip texture, biodegradable TPE yoga mats offer comfort and security at an affordable, budget price. High density, fine-textured foam top surface of 6mm thickness provides higher rebound resilience to these mats to protect joints and facilitate all types of workouts – yoga, Pilates, physio, or toning exercises.

The anti-skid/anti-slip surface of the dual-layer gym mat prevents slippage and offers a firmer grip during intense poses ensuring fluid movement. Exercise mats for home gym feature double-layered, tear-proof construction in 183x61x0.6cm dimensions ensuring the exercise mat is durable and built to accommodate users of all sizes.

ANTI-SKID– The grip of Martial Sports’ yoga mat eco for a home gym is top-notch. It stops hands and feet from slipping so that you can perform every yoga position with ease. The sweat repelling feature allows you to easily wash the mat with soap and water.

COMFORT & STABILITY- ideal for both beginners and experienced yogis, the tear-proof design of our yoga mat for home gym gives enhanced stability & comfort. Comes in 183x61x0.6cm dimensions, thick yoga mat with a non-slip texture is perfect for indoor and outdoor workouts. Our Yoga mat comes in alluring designs with a convenient strap, carry bag, and exercise manual to get you started.

SGS CERTIFIED– Made of biodegradable and sustainable materials with high durability, Martial Sports’ exercise mats for the home gym are free of toxins and SGS certified. Latex-free dual-layer yoga mats provide excellent cushioning and can withstand everyday workouts.

EXCEPTIONAL RESILIENCE- Soft fit of yoga mat TPE protects your joints while double-sided 6mm thick construction is not only tearing resistant but also provides exceptional balance during all exercises at home gym. Non-slip/anti-skid surface on both sides offers higher rebound and enhanced grip for a fulfilling yoga experience.

MOISTURE RESISTANT-Martial Sports’ thick exercise mat for home gym features premium TPE that repels moisture, and bacteria and provides you non-pungent yoga experience every day.


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