Alpha Pro Head Guard by Martial Sports


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The brand new addition to the popular Ghost range is the Martial Sports Alpha Pro Head Guard. Martial Sports is making progress in the field of martial arts equipment very constantly. Our Head Guards are being sold worldwide because our services are top-notch.

Martial Sports continues its move upmarket with its new Paris Collection leather boxing helmets. Taking up the stylistic codes of the Paris Collection boxing gloves, Martial Sports asserts itself here with helmets whose reputation is well established and adds this premium and very high-end side by adding leather to the entire surface of the helmet.

Leather interior and exterior for excellent durability and easy maintenance.

High-quality double-density foam to combine lightness and excellent protection. The set offers a perfectly contoured and slim helmet with well-adjusted cheekbones to protect the nose and eyes while maintaining an incomparable viewing angle. Thick reinforced seams. Martial Sports helmets are available in one size and are easily adjusted at the back, both in terms of height and width

Our main concern is to provide superior quality products to our customers. Our focus is on the satisfaction of our customers so don’t worry about the quality of products and place your order today for an exclusive discount.


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