Pure-Quality Martial Sports Carbon Strike Boxing Gloves Pink


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Martial Sports is a brand that is famous around the globe as a manufacturer and supplier of pure and high-quality Martial arts types of equipment. Our designers are Martial Sports changes and revolutions in the styles of our products. “Wow” What a beautiful Boxing Glove? A real feeling of your rivals by looMartial Sports at Martial Sports Boxing Gloves fitted in your hand!!!

Features: 16 oz boxing glove gives protection to your hand from every area and makes your fight a winning one. Padding Foam Technology makes it a durable and everlasting boxing glove. Especially manufactured to handle the toughest workout. Velcro Straps are responsible for protection during training or sparring. Manage Moisturizer, temperature control, and shock absorbent to reduce fatigue. Outerwear with a special hand compartment gives you a relaxed dry and comfortable feel

Benefits: Healthy and environmentally friendly manufacturing process keeps you away from toxins and bacteria

Makes you feel special with ultimate style, sizing, performance & protection

Adjustable wrist strap using Velcro closure for a secure fit

Colours available: Teal, Purple, Hot Pink, Silver, Red, Green, White, Gold, Black, Blue

Customization: Customize your pair using your own logo. Just send us a mockup or drop wholesale inquiry using the sign-up form.

We take complete responsibility for our products and ensure you that we will provide you with pure quality which will make you happy with its performance. Our goal is to make our customers satisfied our customers’ satisfaction will be our satisfaction.


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