MMA Omnistrike Heavy Bag


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Do you want to buy a heavy-duty and pure-quality MMA Punch bag but don’t know where to buy it? well, you are at the right place, Martial Sports is one of the superior brands and counted in the top ten brands of the world which are providing outclass Martial arts equipment. 

C3 Foam-wrapped bottom panel sustains low kicks and ground & pound. Knee Strike handles simulate the Thai clinch while training. Premium synthetic leather along with superior punching bag construction increases durability and functionality. Features a double-end loop on the bottom for anchoring. Ideal for heavy bag workouts and ground & pound. Weighs 80lbs; approximately 49″ in height with a 15.5″ diameter

Place your order today and get your High demanded MMA punching bag hurry at your home with free shipping for your first order. From the start of our journey, our brand is growing very constantly, and it all happened because of no compromise on the quality of our products.


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