Martial Sports X2 Adjustable 10.3ft Non-slip Memory Foam Soft Handles Jump Rope


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Can’t find time to hit the gym? Our solution brings the gym to you. Martial Sports’ speed jump rope with tape handles is the perfect fitness equipment for your fast-paced skipping routines at the convenience of your home gym. 

Premium quality PVC coated cable wire is a top choice for skipping rope enthusiasts who are all about speed. The industrial-strength steel cable rotates around users very quickly, helping them build speed without producing much noise. It also prevents kinking, tangling, and bending which can mess up the momentum. A protective, double PVC layer ensures the cable is resistant to scratches as well as wear-and-tear due to collision with abrasive surfaces, which makes your jump rope last longer. An ergonomic handle design with environmentally friendly memory foam coating provides a firm, non-slip grip for focused skipping. The foam quickly removes sweat from your hands so you are comfortable for longer and can take full advantage of your cardio workout. Strong PP material handles are also resistant to breakage and durable enough to hold removable weights (6.0oz / 9.5oz) in a special handle compartment. The loaded weight bars add extra resistance to increase the intensity of your workouts and burn more calories. Switching over to high-speed skipping routines is just as easy – just remove the additional weights from the handlebars to decrease resistance to jumps. A fast-speed ball bearing mechanism, including industrial-strength steel tips, allows the rope to rotate faster, with a smooth and stable swing – without any interruptions.

This fitness jump rope is safe for use for all age groups – children and adults. So stop dreaming and start working towards your fitness goals with Martial Sports’ simple and adjustable ropes. Suitable for both men and women; available in colours and comes in its own antimicrobial pouch with a workout manual.


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