Martial Sports Padded Nylon Head Harness


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Martial Sports’ ultimate head harness neck training equipment, is designed for increasing strength and muscle definition in the neck area. We have a wide range of Head Harness which are constructed & designed by the good experience persons of our company. Our premium head and neck harness are used by professional bodybuilders to provide comfort during a wide range of exercises, allowing them to increase the amount of weight they can lift without injury.

Work the neck muscles from varying degrees of angles with the Harbinger Nylon Head Harness. A strong neck can be a necessity in high-impact sports, so don’t neglect it. The Head Harness provided by Harness allows you to add weight adequately without overstraining. Constructed with heavy-duty Cordura nylon, sustained support is offered from the Harness without the worry of it giving way under tension. The synthetic shearling pad lining enhances comfort even when you ramp the weight up, whilst the 30″ steel chain enables plate attachment of varying size.

We always give attention to the opinions of our customers. Our first priority is to make our customers happy and satisfied by providing them with heavy-duty products which will last a long time. Place your order today to get an exclusive discount on your first order.


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