Martial Sports Model 1500-H Adjustable Head Harness – Black


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Martial Sports’ ultimate head harness neck training equipment, is designed for increasing strength and muscle definition in the neck area. We have a wide range of Head Harness which are constructed & designed by the good experience persons of our company. Our premium head and neck harness are used by professional bodybuilders to provide comfort during a wide range of exercises, allowing them to increase the amount of weight they can lift without injury.

The Martial Sports Model 1500-H Adjustable Head Harness is made of durable nylon and fully adjustable. The harness is an excellent product for those who do extra-heavy lifting or those looking to gain strength in some of the most important areas of the body. The harness is great workout equipment for a home gym, fitness building or personal use. Black nylon adjustable head harness with durable webbing. Fully adjustable with 1/4″ Neoprene padding. Heavy-duty construction. Size: Adjustable. Includes One head harness with chain and clip. Uses: Use weight plates or kettlebells to perform neck flexion exercises that will strengthen the neck and help prevent injury to the neck and spine during sports. Adjustable: Adjusts via hook and loop strap for a perfect, customized fit every time.

We always give attention to the opinions of our customers. Our first priority is to make our customers happy and satisfied by providing them with heavy-duty products which will last a long time. Place your order today to get an exclusive discount on your first order.


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