Martial Sports MMA Kick Boxing Unisex Head Guard (Black Matte)


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The brand new addition to the popular Ghost range is the Martial Sports Alpha Pro Head Guard. Martial Sports is making progress in the field of martial arts equipment very constantly. Our Head Guards are being sold worldwide because our services are top-notch. 

Our protective boxing headgear consists of a shock-absorbing foam skeleton enveloped inside a durable leather exterior, forming a sturdy, rigid shield against the highest of impact forces. Ergonomic and Adjustable Fit designed to accommodate the average human head, our MMA headgear for men covers all vulnerable anatomic structures while allowing enough adjustment for comfort with the hook-and-loop chin strap. Suitable for Multiple Sports With this versatile wrestling headgear, boxing, sparring, taekwondo, karate, MMA, Muay Thai, and most martial arts can be practised with safety. Optimal visibility a snug fit doesn’t mean a compromise on visibility; this boxing helmet allows a full 180-degree field of view, enabling you to keep an eagle eye over your competition at all times

Our main concern is to provide superior quality products to our customers. Our focus is on the satisfaction of our customers so don’t worry about the quality of products and place your order today for an exclusive discount.


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