Martial Sports Km 5 – 12 Kg Heavy Duty Medicine Ball for Fitness White / Black


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Can’t find time to hit the gym? Our solution brings the gym to you. Martial Sports’ speed jump rope with tape handles is the perfect fitness equipment for your fast-paced skipping routines at the convenience of your home gym. 

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment for core workouts! Our heavy medicine ball is used for exercise routines that tackle core strength and power – and is suitable for all levels of ability, age, development, and sport. Made from soft yet durable leather for comfort and performance, reinforced with triple stitching for resistance against wear and tear, and gently textured to provide superb grip during workouts, this fitness ball is a popular training tool across all disciplines. Plus designed with a power core, this med ball will help to improve your balance. Available in 5Kg, 8Kg, 10Kg, or 12Kg.

This fitness jump rope is safe for use for all age groups – children and adults. So stop dreaming and start working towards your fitness goals with Martial Sports’ simple and adjustable ropes. Suitable for both men and women; available in colours and comes in its own antimicrobial pouch with a workout manual.


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