Martial Sports Head Protective Guard (Pastel)


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The brand new addition to the popular Ghost range is the Martial Sports Alpha Pro Head Guard. Martial Sports is making progress in the field of martial arts equipment very constantly. Our Head Guards are being sold worldwide because our services are top-notch. 

When creating the Protective Guard we had a vision of making the most reliable line of training equipment on the market, whilst also keeping the products accessible to as many combat athletes as possible. Gear that looks as good as it performs. Now, we are adding even more colour to the  Protective Guard family making the lineup even more dynamic than ever before. The Pastel colourway is a new direction for the  Protective Guard range and is for those looking for an extra pop of colour in their strike. Our Head Gear is designed for combat athletes or fitness enthusiasts who require a durable product and the highest protection rating, without the hefty price tag. The adjustable sizing gives a secure fit and minimizes movement when training and sparring to ensure you don’t lose concentration.

Our main concern is to provide superior quality products to our customers. Our focus is on the satisfaction of our customers so don’t worry about the quality of products and place your order today for an exclusive discount.


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