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Achieve controlled body movements and increase your flexibility as well as balance with the RDX yoga cork block. Ideal fitness gear to help you hold passive poses for a longer duration without excessive exertion or putting strain on your muscles. Sturdy and yet soft yoga brick increases the comfort of restorative poses. This durable and natural cork block delivers strong support for your back, hips, and heels during advanced yoga poses. Resilient yoga brick retains its original shape after strenuous yoga and Pilates workouts. The non-slip texture of the yoga block ensures a strong hand grip and enhanced traction for increased stability, balance, and proper alignment in your poses. Rounded edges of the yoga cushion allow the user to easily grab the block while preventing pressure points that pose the risk of injury. Must-have yoga equipment for home gym and ideal fitness gear for outdoor yoga practice and Pilates. The balance cushion features standard dimensions (22.5*14.5*10.2cm) and is suitable for yogis with different body types and skill levels. 

Potable and lightweight organic yoga cork block is free of toxins and manufactured using 100% natural cork. It’s eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainably sourced. The cork block is available in five attractive designs. 

ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY MATERIAL – Our yoga block cork material is sustainably sourced 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable to produce a smaller ecological footprint in comparison to synthetic materials. Toxins-free cork material is great for a safer yoga practice. More durable than plastic or foam blocks and capable of supporting full body weight in balancing poses.

NON-SLIP SURFACE – Textured surface offers extra traction to securely hold poses for prolonged yoga exercises. The non-slip cork block also helps achieve extra stabilization in balancing poses and alignment for all – beginners, intermediate practitioners, and advanced yogis. Impermeable, moisture-proof, antibacterial material is ideal for sweaty workouts and provides easy clean-up with a damp cloth. 

EASY TO GRIP – Rounded edges of yoga brick prevent excess stress on joints and provide a comfortable hand grip. The textured surface makes the block feel secure and accommodating enough on the skin to offer suitable use during tough stretches. 


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