Martial Sports Boxing Aerovent Adjustable Weight Leather Heavy Bag


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Do you want to buy a heavy-duty and pure quality training Punch bag but don’t know where to buy it? well, you are at the right place, Martial Sports is one of the superior brands and counted in the top ten brands of the world which are providing outclass Martial arts equipment. Finally, there’s a heavy bag engineered and crafted for athletes seeking a reduced impact, and a more forgiving striking surface to help alleviate sore knuckles, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

This bag comes delivered at 150lbs.  By simply adding as little or as much sand as you want to a hollow, centre core, you can increase the weight in any increment, up to 200lbs. A top, Aerovent design feature allows the air to escape and the bag to retract on impact and then expand when it recovers from each punch…very much like a real opponent. Made entirely of a 1.2mm thick, split leather shell, with a soft, 2” thick, Polymax foam lining. Includes a top chain and swivel for movement or a D-ring on the bottom if you want to create a more stationary target.

Place your order today and get your High demanded training punching bag hurry at your home with free shipping for your first order. From the start of our journey, our brand is growing very constantly, and it all happened because of no compromise on the quality of our products.

The bag measures 50” (length) x 15.5” (across) x 51” circumference (around)


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