Martial Sports B4 Adjustable 10.3ft Jump Rope With 2 Tangle-free Steel Wires


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Can’t find time to hit the gym? Our solution brings the gym to you. Martial Sports’ speed jump rope with tape handles is the perfect fitness equipment for your fast-paced skipping routines at the convenience of your home gym. 

Strong and durable PVC coated cable wire is built to withstand rigorous use from every day skipping workouts. Protective PVC coating prevents damage to the internal steel cable during a collision with abrasive surfaces during outdoor training. It also protects users from injuries due to accidental contact of high-speed rope with the skin. Lightweight, premium polymer construction, and tangle-free rope allow you to get the maximum speed with zero interference, so you can maintain momentum and speed. The slim and sleek design ensures you turn heads while jumping in style. Ergonomic design with tape on non-slip PP handles ensures comfort and provides a powerful grip without slippage for sweaty hands so that you can take full advantage of your cardio workout. Extra 10.3 ft. rope facilitates the convenience of use, can be easily adjusted to users of different heights and provides the versatility to try out a range of different jump rope tricks and movements. Made from premium, environmentally friendly materials.

his fitness jump rope is safe for use for all age groups – children and adults. So stop dreaming and start working towards your fitness goals with Martial Sports’ simple and adjustable ropes. Suitable for both men and women; available in colours and comes in its own antimicrobial pouch with a workout manual.


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