Kids Shadow Short Sleeve Rash Guard


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Martial Sports is a splendid brand that provides outclass products related to Martial arts. We have a wide range of catalogues in our stock and these products are crafted by the well-experienced persons of our brand. The Martial Sports Premium Kids Rash Guards are great for any variation of fitness training, The Singlet is made for Martial Arts training and is ideal for clubs/gyms with many fighters. 

Through our rash guards, shorts, and spats we combine not only the most up-to-date style options but are specially designed to maximize performance. With an eye on the next generation of Jiu-Jitsu stars, we’re on hand to offer some of our latest designs in children’s sizes. With the aggressive and exuberant nature of kids when they first start grappling, no-gi apparel has to be functional, strong – and look good. Our new collections tick all those boxes that kids are sure to love. The Shadow collection features a set of rash guards, shorts, and spats. All items feature prominently the unique Shadow print design. A 3D block print signifying strength while producing a slick shadow effect. The Shadow rash guard comes in black in long and short sleeves with the Shadow logo presented across the chest and one of the shoulders. Made from a polyester-spandex fabric blend, the rash guard offers elasticity to sit comfortably on your body and aid in movement across the mat.

 Our first priority is to make our customers happy by providing them with high-quality products. We are doing this very well as our customers’ reviews are very positive.  From the start of our journey, our brand is growing very constantly, and it all happened because of no compromise on the quality of our products.


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