Kids’ Blue Boxing Chest Guard


Cotton, High-Density Foam Padding
Lightweight Design
Unrestricted Mobility And Speed
IBJJF Approved
Suitable For All Martial Arts Tournaments
Comfortable And Secure
Padded with the thickest foam

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Cutting-Edge and Sleek: Our children’s chest guard is padded and double-coated at all the major parts of the body that are vulnerable to attacks. Combined with our design and placement as well as material quality, and rigorous testing, our chest guards for children ensure the mobility they need to withstand tough training sessions and have nothing but lessons to take home.

Superior Protection: Padded with the thickest foam with T-3 triple nylon stitching and PU piping, our boxing chest guards for children make for a strong shield to keep them from feeling any serious impact regardless of the number of times or the direction from which they get hit.

Adjustable Fit for Most Sizes: Martial Sports’ child chest guards for kids come with straps that allow our products to be tightened and loosened up as per convenience. This eliminates the need to get a bigger or smaller size in most cases. This also means that these kids’ chest guards will last long without the need to replace them with bigger alternatives.


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